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Tatsuru Arai presents Matters-ton

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Date / Time
19/04/2018 / 21:00 - 23:59

Superbudda - Via Valprato, 68 Torino

Superbudda shows “Tatsuru Arai presents Matters-ton”

In this work, Tatsuru developed and evolved into more complex and higher quality result, unfolding the relation between Sound and Matters on the three Dimensions of Space. By means of algorithmic simulation, principles designing the audiovisual substance are correlated directly on showing the physical side of Universe through human perception.

Hyper Serial Music extends Schönberg’s “12-ton and Serial music” contemporary classical music, Boulez, which innovates the algorithms of music structure with new technologies: 12 (playback speed) x12 (density) x12 (playback position), 1728 tones are used masterfully. This time it is composed for perfromance Audio Visual Live, the visual will be 3D geometric that could analyze in real time the sound. The traditional serial music began with the 12-tone technique of Schönberg in about 100 years ago.

5 euros + Superbudda membership card 5 euros