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Triptease & Hugo live + Emiliano Comollo & Gambo dj set

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Date / Time
11/05/2018 - 12/05/2018 / 21:00 - 4:00

Superbudda - Via Valprato, 68 Torino

Superbudda presents

Triptease & Hugo live jam (Topper / Nano / Jaci / Hugo)
Emiliano Comollo dj set
Alessandro Gambo dj set

TRIPTEASE is Topper, Jacopo and Francesco’s electronic playground, conceived in Turin and then planted in Berlin in the mid 2000’s. The Triptease project existed well before its name came to be, marked by the early years of the trio’s friendship when they started exploring the musical galaxies far away from the safe harbour of their parents’ record collections. Triptease blends together polyrhythmic grooves and harmonic atmospheres in an uninterrupted flow of sound layers. Their live performance recreates the dynamics of studio improvisation
where synths, guitars, samplers and drum machines interweave together endlessly…an infinite swing of decay delivered from the lust of result.

Hugo grew up in a musical environment and since the beginning he was attracted by the electronic components of music.
During the 90’s Ugo Basile aka Hugo started to realize the potential of technology applied to music production and he decided to deepen his knowledge about music and sound design. At the same time he co-founded his first music collective, a studio and a radio show called General Elektrik broadcasted by Radio Flash, a historical radio from his hometown Turin in Italy, where he worked for eight years as sound designer. By the beginning of the third millennium he was releasing music under different names and performing live at rave parties all around Europe. Among the projects he worked for, during the early 2000’s, it is interesting to mention the collaboration with the Italian jazz musician Giorgio Li Calzi regarding a new soundtrack for two Buster Keaton’s short movies performed live in several theatres in Italy and the original soundtrack for the first Italian movie shot entirely in digital. Since the beginning Hugo focused his efforts on the “live performance” side of dance music, creating several live projects as UBIT, that delivered the Ibiza anthem A-sid chosen by Mauro Picotto for his Meganite mixed set in 2004 and COMADISCO, an electro-punk trio experiment built to explore the darkest side of his talent, releasing its mega hit “Love in a bookshop” on Irma Elettrica in 2005. In 2005 he also launched the project Tonimusic in order to start a new wave of sound and style within the boundaries of netlabelism and the creative commons, inspired by the experiences of Jay Haze with Textone and Pheek with Archipel records. After that he started to collaborate and release regularly on Jay’s label, Tuning Spork where in 2008 he released his anthem “The Sloop & the Siren”. After the charming experience of Tonimusic, Hugo decided to focus on his own live project and his brand new label: Goodvibe Records. Goodvibe Records is a project dedicated to sounds, positive trends and directions, creativity and rhythm. In 2013 Hugo started collaborating with Turin Jazz Festival. The main outcome of this new venture is a project called “Fringe in the Box” that is based on sampling jazz musicians while performing live recording sessions and building sample libraries for electronic music producers with the recorded material. In 2014 he founded the band ‘ZIP COED’. Inspired by the legacy of Portishead, Massive Attack, infected by the Nina Simone’s purity, ZIP COED introduces you into a crossover of genres, a metaphysical journey to stun your ears. Hugo released the first ZIP COED singles at the end of October 2014. The band was selected to perform live at Eurosonic Festival (Jan 2015).
From 2008 till today Hugo travelled the globe with shows in clubs as Womb, Fabric, Paradiso, Footwork, Watergate, Club der Visionaere, Rex and many others, touching all 5 continents with his live and dj sets. His production has been released by labels such as Tuning Spork, Mobilee, Systematic, Viva Music, 2020 Vision, Great Stuff, Om, Cr2, Claque Musique, Rebirth, Material, Formatik, Kraftek, Gruuv, 303 Lovers, Suruba X, Little Helpers, Sleep is commercial among many others. Hugo is touring with a new live set performed with machines only, without using any computer. His live set is a showcase of his latest productions and the experimental environment where he manipulates sounds and improvises grooves. He recently launched OODOO, his new record label based between London and Berlin. OODOO releases are open minded, exploring the heard and unheard territories of music. Its main sources of inspiration are Love, Respect for the Cosmos and for our planet Earth.

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